Since 2004, Vin de Garde Cellar Systems Inc. has been breaking new ground with their popular wine cellar designs.

As the company’s collection of metal wine racking systems grew, wine enthusiasts and design specifiers from around the world began to inquire about their iconic, patented systems.

To accommodate the growing demand for their unique racking systems, the company successfully launched Wine Pegs, which offers the same specialty wine rack hardware used in all of Vin de Garde’s luxury, bespoke wine cellars.

Customers can use Wine Pegs’ simplified technical resources to design a layout, purchase their hardware and store their collections beautifully and efficiently!


A beautiful modern home deserves an equally beautiful wine cellar. At Wine Pegs, our patented metal wine rack systems are designed and manufactured in Canada to exacting standards and exceptional fit and finish.

Each product is versatile, scalable and elegant—designed to display and compliment your prized bottles. Each Wine Peg product, whether it be the XY, Nek Rites or Beta Bloc Series, is sommelier designed and offers a unique opportunity to store your collection both beautifully and efficiently.

All products are fabricated in North America using premium materials that allow for greater capacity, maximum airflow and simple installation.

The Beta Bloc is an intelligent, cumulative system. The look and feel of this product is much more industrial than our XY and Nek Rite series. The system provides a very organized and linear space.

The Nek Rite series has been designed to display your collection with all bottles parallel to the wall and labels forward. We have developed this system to provide easy access, high visibility, and store one, two or three bottles deep.

The look and feel of the XY series is minimalist, elegant and clean and is one of our most popular designs. It’s original, it’s unique, and it’s patented world-wide. Each bottle rests between two identical rods. This allows for the greatest flexibility in designing for individual bottles.


Can I assemble the wine pegs myself?

Absolutely! Our wine pegs are simple and easy to install. Visit our technical section for specification sheets and installation instructions.

What tools do I need to assemble?

You will need a ¾” panel and a hand-drill to complete your installation. Depending on how much weight you plan to mount to your wall, we recommend reinforcing your wall using studs and horizontal wood blocking. Always consult a professional.

Will the bottles fall off the rods?

Each bottle is secured using silicone o-rings to prevent the bottle from slipping off the rods. Our silicone o-rings are designed to withstand humidified spaces so that they do not dry out or crack.

Do the o-rings come pre-assembled?

For a quicker turn-around time, our o-rings do not come pre-assembled.

How should I prepare my wall before installing my wine panel?

Depending on your site conditions, we do recommend reinforcing your wall using horizontal wood blocking between the studs.