For twenty-five years Genuwine Cellars has stood at the forefront of our industry, redefining the art and science of wine cellaring.

From original concept designs to flawless installations, the calibre of our work speaks for itself.

As a design and build firm, we have mastered the ability to generate creative ideas and transform them into breathtaking realities.

Our designs are informed by what we build, and what we build is informed by what we design. In respect to our wine cellars, this connection is critical.

A world class wine room must first be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly a functional place to properly store wine.


Founded in 1995, Genuwine Cellars was born from a love of fine wine and fine woodworking.

From a humble woodshop, founder and current CEO Robb Denomme, an alumni of the prestigious International Sommelier Guild, honed his craft, creating every element of his early wine cellars by hand.

Genuwine quickly earned a reputation as a quality leader and the business continued to expand until it became a global manufacturing enterprise, with state-of-the-art facilities dedicated solely to building the finest custom wine cellars in the world.


Like aging fine wine, our commitment to quality is long-standing.

Every wine cellar we design and install carries a limited lifetime warranty on all racking, millwork, and construction for the original owner.


Our design philosophy is collaborative in nature. We have extensive experience working at a distance with other design professionals from around the world, including New York, London and Beijing.`

If you or your design team would prefer for us to take the lead role in the design of your wine cellar, we can of course accommodate that.

However if you and/or your team have your own designs/ideas, we can take a supportive role and help you best translate your pre-existing vision into a properly constructed, functional wine cellar. You choose our level of involvement.

That is to say, we have what you need. We can work closely with you to determine the size and shape of the bottles you want to store, and we can then calculate how many racks you will need.

Furthermore, we can take into consideration any amazing bottles or cases you wish to showcase. Above all, we are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Without a doubt, no one knows wine racks and wine storage better than we do! Absolutely, you can be sure that you can always trust our committed, wine loving sales professionals!

Indeed, we will help you choose the wine rack option best suited to your wine collection, and the style of rack that will best suite your space.

Moreover, Wine Cellar Depot carries all the major wine racking brands. 

Here are our favorite wine rack brands curated just for you: Vintage View Evolution, Wine Wall, Vino Series, Ultra Wine Pegs and Panels are new and hot.

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