Welcome to “ Spit Happens”

welcome-to-spit-happensHello my name is David Lancelot and I’m a long time food and wine industry professional recently relocated to West Kelowna. I have been employed in food and beverage and wine retail since 1978 and spent 25 years as a retail associate/buyer/supervisor at Marquis Wine Cellars in Vancouver BC . Currently I am a guide/driver for Experience Wine Tours based in Kelowna BC . I love wine. I really love wine and food and the synergy they create. I have had the opportunity to taste wines as old as an 1854 Madeira and get the chance to try barrel samples as well. During my restaurant and retail career I have tried approximately 75-80,000 wines.  I don’t have an enormous cellar as I plan to drink my wines over the next 15-20 years and have nothing left, I do however have some very nerdy old US whites from the 80’s and German whites from the 90’s as well as old port and champagne.

After some discussion with Ramona Lehnert we have agreed that I will start a series of posts that will discuss the effects of aging wine, what happens during the process and why you would want to do so. The format is a work in progress and will evolve over time. It is also a two way conversation so I’m willing to engage with our audience on a wide range of topics.

We will discuss

  • Aging wine and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Winery profiles and tasting updates for older bottles when possible.
  • Other sources of information ranging from blogs to wine newsletters to books and helpful web resources
  • Retailer profiles
  • Vintage recommendations
  • Special offerings from recommended  retailers and Wine Cellar Depot
  • Maintenance tips
  • Clearance items
  • Social Events and tasting
  • Professional  wine certification options like International Sommelier Guild ( ISG) and Wines and Spirits Education Trust ( WSET)
  • Plus many more topics

I look forward to your feedback and a spirited exchange of opinions. I will happily provide links to outside sources that provide extra information and will attribute it to the original creator. Any other content is mine and not necessarily the opinions of Wine Cellar Depot and its employees.

I can be reached at davidlancelot@winecellardepot.com

Thank you in advance