Walk-in Refrigerators – the Hottest Trend in New Home Construction

Walk-In Refrigerators

Looking for the “coolest convenience” kitchen design has to offer? 
This fabulous trend is HOT for 2021.

As you know, walk-in refrigerators have long been a staple in commercial kitchens, and have accommodated bulk purchases, party trays, food prep and more.  This realizable luxury, like our coveted wine cellars, has found its way into the residential realm.  And to be honest, it couldn’t have come soon enough!  With the cost of ultra premium appliances, limited to set widths and depths, this fabulous alternative looks great and brings the ultimate in convenience and style. It is a must have for passionate home cooks.

Just One Cool Fridge

One fridge in the kitchen and then another fridge in the garage. This is no longer necessary. That is old school and not at all convenient. Why not have everything right there where you do all of your entertaining and cooking? Life is suppose to be easier than dragging food and drinks from one refrigerator to another.

Enjoy the Ultimate in Organization

You can walk into your beautiful, shiny, walk-in refrigerator and see everything neatly organized on wire racks. Buy in bulk! No worries because you will now have all of the space you need. Produce can live on one rack and snacks and drinks can also have their own home. Imagine. Yummy goodness all around you. You don’t even need to take things out of their cases, if you are really shopping for a large crew, because they can just be neatly tucked under the racks on the floor.

We can help!

The possibilities are endless. How did we ever live without this amazing option? It is the cold version of the pantry cupboard and we can help you build it right there in your kitchen.

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