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I have always believed that knowledge enhances enjoyment and gives context to the wines we drink. One of the ways to acquire the background in wine is to get in touch with reputable wine schools and attend courses/events that will broaden the scope of your knowledge. Face it… wine is expensive so why not split the cost among 15-20 other people and try more wines? This will speed up the process of learning and appreciating wine. Fine Vintage Ltd. is a great place to start. James Cluer, MW owns and operates Fine Vintage LTD.Since 1953 only 38 people have qualified to become Masters of Wine in North America. They offer a myriad of courses and wine tours ( all accompanied by a Master of Wine). They also administer a series of very helpful job board

I recently was in touch with David Munro Manager, Fine Vintage International and asked him to summarize the top three elements of Fine Vintage Ltd. His reply is below . I have added hyperlinks to the relevant locations in their website.
1)      Wine Courses

A)  Fine Vintage LTD. is North America’s leading provider of WSET certified courses with 11 schools including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and even Tuscany. They have been shortlisted as the WSET Educator of the Year 4 times – the most of any Canadian institute. They offer all levels of the WSET curriculum including being the only Canadian provider with the prestigious Diploma programme in 2 Canadian cities: Vancouver and Calgary.

B) Further to the WSET curriculum, Fine Vintage LTD. is an innovator in developing courses designed to advance students’ knowledge and understanding of wine. Such courses include:

i.   Sensory Master class – designed to strengthen your ability to identify key aromas and flavours in wine

ii.      Canadian Wine Scholar – the first Canadian institute to put the whole of the Canadian wine industry into a 2-day course

iii.      Sommelier Course – designed to develop your skills as a sommelier by incorporating service skills and knowledge of not just wine but also beer, spirits, and sake

2)      Wine Tours

a. Fine Vintage LTD. offers annual luxury wine tours to 5 iconic wine regions: Bordeaux, Champagne-Burgundy, Tuscany, Spain, and South Africa.

b. The tours include accommodations at 4- and 5-star properties in each of these destinations and privileged access to the owners and winemakers of some of the wine world’s most iconic estates. Many of these estates are not open to the public. Meals are a lingering affair and always paired with top wines.

c. Each of these tours is led by a Master of Wine with expert knowledge of the region.

3)      Wine Jobs Websites

a. Fine Vintage LTD. owns and operates; Canada’s leading job       site for employers and job seekers in the Canadian wine industry

b. For job seekers, the site is completely free to use and connects you with up-to-date job opportunities in the wine industry across Canada

c. For employers, the fee to post is a very competitive $99. With this fee, your posting is listed on the site for 6 months or until it is filled.

d. Further to Canada, Fine Vintage LTD. offers similar highly-rated sites in the United States, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.”

Remember Spit Happens, tell your friends, drink great wine and eat great food.


David Lancelot