Spit Happens #49 – Big Bottles

SpitHappens51PDF Page 2 Image 0001Do you like big bottles? Do you have any space in your racks/cooler for magnums and larger sizes? I’m thinking you should at least consider it. First of all 750ml is too small a bottle, I refer to these size bottles as “shooters”. By the time you are just getting a sense of the quality, taste and texture the bottle is gone. Besides that what happens when you get more than 4 people at the dinner table. You have to open a second bottle anyways. They really look impressive… call me shallow but when someone shows up for dinner and plunks a magnum on the table you have my undivided attention. In particular I think magnums of champagne show really well with bottle age, years ago I read an article in the Wine Advocate when it was just Robert Parker writing it. He opined that while he liked aged Champagne in general it was the magnums that showed particularly well in tastings and he would often score the same wine higher in tastings versus 750ml bottles. I suspect it might be a difference in the ratio of air to wine in a 1.5 litre vs 750ml. Another consideration is auctions, consistently magnums receive higher bids at charity auctions. This can be a great way too boost the proceeds of a charity auction for your kids sports team or parent teacher association. You will score points with your spouse who puts up with your wine collection obsession and with your kids who normally roll their eyes at the thought of wine. Eventually they will all see the light.

The names are fun as well many are Biblical in origin. Dating back to the Roman Catholic and religious orders influence in grape growing and wine making.

  • Magnum is standard 1.5 litre
  • Jeroboam is 3 litres but can be 4.5 litres in Bordeaux
  • Imperial or Methuselah is 6 litres
  • Salmanazar is a 9 litre
  • Balthazar is 12 litres
  • Nebuchadnezzar is 15 litres

Thanks for your time.

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David Lancelot