Spit Happens #41 – Burgundy

Ok it’s time for a confession. Burgundy is probably the least represented wine region in my collection. I made a conscious decision years ago to not fall in love with Red Burgundy. Mainly because I couldn’t afford the best examples. I figured I could afford 90 % of the great Syrah and Riesling wines in the world and almost none of the greatest Burgundies made. Small production and existing client bases mean that the wines are rarely available on the open market and if they are the prices would be eye watering. Over the years the world of wine has become more and more competitive for great Burgundy so I didn’t feel like I was missing out as the quality price ratio wasn’t making sense. While I still have a fondness for Syrah and Riesling ( sweet wines too) I’m willing to see what’s out there and stretch my brain, so to speak.

Last week I had an opportunity to taste some excellent red and white burgundy in Kelowna. Van Doren Chan from That’s Life Gourmet made the arduous trip from Vancouver to Cask and Barrel Liquor Store in West Kelowna. Van Doren ( as she is known) is an enthusiastic wine knowledgeable representative that is passionate about spreading the word of wine . Van Doren gave a short overview of each producer and was well equipped to answer questions about soil type and terroir from a nerdy group of wine lovers, wine makers and others like me. She brought a nice sampling of wines from Marchand Grillot, Domaine Alraud,Arnoux Lachaux ( formerly Domaine Robert Arnoux), Domaine Vigot, Roblet Monnot , Domaine Ramonet and Domaine Comte Armand. What a treat, purity and sense of place were present in all the wines. These wines are made in very small quantities and rarely seen outside of the lower Mainland.

Bourgogne and its five wine-producing regions
La Bourgogne et ses cinq regions viticolesSpitHappens41pdf 2

The tasting was part of a series called the “Warehouse Sessions” organized by Shanyn Ward of Cask and Barrel Liquor Store. She has extensive wine experience in retail, restaurant settings and is a rising star in the BC wine scene. She is also a judge for the BC VQA program and a writer for local papers , https://www.kelownacapnews.com/tag/wineology/ . I get tired just looking at her schedule but never get tired of talking to her about wine. If you are a wine lover and in the Central Okanagan you must stop and check out the store at 1135 Stevens Rd #109, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 2S8 open 9am-11pm daily . Contact Shanyn at shanynward@gmail.com for info on the current availability of the That’s Life Gourmet wines and upcoming events like the Warehouse Sessions .

Thanks for your time.

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David Lancelot