Spit Happens #34 What wine would you Buy ?

A recent post on the Vancouver Magazine website asked a former colleague of mine, Michaela Morris, what wines would you buy for $100 ? Link here . This got the wheels turning in my head and I thought it might be worth exploring the concept. I have some preconceived notions about the concept of price in wine and how it relates to quality and uniqueness. I have long stated that the biggest quality increase occur when you go from the 15$ range in BC to the $25 – $30 range. At 15$ you are buying what I call commodity wines. These are wines made to hit a specific price point, generally sound and exhibiting a degree of varietal character. At the next price point you have effectively doubled the amount of money the winery can spend on the things that materially effect the quality of the wine, IE better viticulture techniques, lower yields , better quality oak and perhaps some extra time in the bottle before release. When you are in the $50-$100 you are getting something that is also likely to have the ability to age a fair while and has received some recognition in the press so the price in some ways reflects the wines status and availability in the marketplace. With that in mind I would probably look at 1 bottle in the $50 range and 2 in the $25. My theory being I’m always looking for something to add to my cellar and something for more immediate consumption. There are more weekdays than there are Birthdays and special occasions.

First something a bit more special.

I really like Chablis. The Daniel Dampt Chablis Fourchaume 2015 is a brilliant white with texture and lovely depth that doesn’t rely on a ton of oak to build flavor . This is farming and wine-making at its best. Link . The following is a review from Alan Meadows Burghound Newsletter
“There is good ripeness to the green fruit, oyster shell and iodine aromas that give way to rich and quite full-bodied flavors that also possess a textured mouth feel on the sappy, delicious and lingering finish that offers good if not truly special depth.”
– The Burghound, Issue 64 89 points


Next a visit to Spain where I think some of the best deals around can be found.

Ribera Del Duero- Marta & Mate Pixide 2013 is an British Columbia Liquor Board exclusive. Link For $19 this wine is a steal. 90 Points Robert Parker Wine Advocate – “The 2013 Píxide was very perfumed, floral, open, clean and aromatic with very good freshness. The palate is medium to full-bodied with very fine, abundant tannins, good balance and persistence.”
I’m so impressed by this. Tons of character and very expressive. This should be on every restaurant wine list in BC. I would go out more if it was.


I have an ongoing love affair with Riesling and todays post is not going to be any different.
My third choice would be St Urbans Hof Riesling Mosel Old Vines 2016 listed by the British Columbia Liquor Board for $26.49. Link Dang this is good wine ! This is built for near term drinking. Beautiful etched acidity with enough residual sweetness to make it a brilliant match with Spicy Thai roast porketta sandwiches or some fresh asparagus that we will start seeing shortly.


Thanks for your time.
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David Lancelot