Riesling can age really!

One of my favorite wines to buy and age is Riesling. While most of my wine collecting buddies are aging big reds from California or Bordeaux or even lighter wines from Burgundy I have prioritized aging white wines. Riesling, Semillon and Chablis are my main three. I have a few reasons why. The first is I love the taste and aromatic profile of older Riesling. It has a ripe round white peach character when young that slowly devolves into a funky , slightly gassy ( some say diesel note ) when older. Secondly they are beautiful with food and act as an interlude to the reds at the dinner table. Third reason is my friends all have the other wines so when I show up with older, interesting whites and dessert wine it’s a win for all of us. I would like to tell you about some of my favorite producers for aging. For more background information follow the links to each winery website. If you want more in depth coverage of the world of Riesling I highly recommend Stuart Pigotts book Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Story Link

If you are interested in the cutting edge of Riesling in the southern hemisphere then Grosset Polish Hill Riesling is the finest example . Link . This low yielding organically farmed vineyard in Eden Valley is the epitome of dry age worthy Riesling. First made in 1981 it has an bright citrus edge to it and the ability to age easily for 15 years. Not always the most stylish when young , it really blossoms at the 7-9 year mark. Fantastic food wine.


For a German option my all time favorite is JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese. This is a beautiful of a sweeter Riesling that can age for 20 years and can be brilliant when consumed young. Tons of white peach and apricot notes. Generally a fairly substantial amount of acidity but always brilliantly balanced with the residual sugar. Never cloying . This wine is amazing with pork dishes and moderately spiced Thai Cuisine ( think spicy prawn dishes). Link to a pretty lame website


I have two BC wineries that are worthy of your consideration for aging. Tantalus and Synchromesh Winery are making wines that I believe are excellent candidates for aging at least 10 years from the vintage on the bottle. I believe very few BC Chardonnays have the potential to do that.

Tantalus is owned by Eric Savics and David Peterson is winemaker/general manager . Tantalus makes two different Riesling that are generally available but not necessarily year around. A more approachable when young Riesling and an Old Vines Riesling that can go the distance. Link


Synchromesh is owned by Amy and Alan Dickinson . They are a young couple striving to elevate the image and status of Riesling in BC to a higher level. Each year Alan makes a number of single vineyard Riesling that are unique and age worthy. His Storm Haven Riesling is particularly noteworthy. These wines are highly sought after and often sold out by mid-summer. The mailing list is the best way to secure a bottle or case of these wines. Link


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David Lancelot