USD $8,970.00
SKU: BCS1500

Pricing Options and Variations

BCS1500 USD $8970.00 SKU: BCS1500 Shipping Cost CAD $385.00 OE150 CAD $343.00 Outdoor Condensing Unit Enclosure for BCS1500 WC CAD $487.00 Water Cooled Condensing Unit Adder with regulating valve loose for CS1500 LA100 CAD $192.00 Low Ambient Head Pressure Control for all units XWEB30 CAD $870.00 Remote Access Monitor/Controller for all units XJ485C CAD $62.00 Ethernet Cable for all units XJMODEM CAD $392.00 Modem for all units XDHT CAD $340.00 Remote Display High Temp Alarm for all units PHENOLIC COATING CAD $370.00 Phenolic Coating for outdoor unit for BCS1500 WF10 CAD $27.00 Water Filter for all units WS11 CAD $63.00 Water Solenoid for all units

All add-ons, accessories and parts must be ordered at the time of purchasing the unit.

Product Description

Bacchus Wine Cellar Systems integrate exact temperature control and optimal humidity (50-70% RH) along with a streamlined, stainless steel ceiling mounted evaporator with a low noise double tangential blower. Its patented temperature/humidity control allows for a constant supply of optimal cellar conditions. This split system concept places the condensing unit away from the living space and moves the compressor and fan noise to a less obtrusive location. One quiet evaporator fan produces maximum air flow with the lowest decibel output possible.


  • Fan coil unit (evaporator, left in above photo) and condensing system (right, including cover suitable for outdoor use) Just highlighted this so you know I mentioned the image placement in the text here…in case you change how it is laid out…
  • All systems ship complete with condensing unit, evaporator and controls.
  • All condensers include sight glass, filter drier and low pressure switch.
  • Outdoor units include crankcase heater and fan cycling control.
  • Optional water cooled condenser…creating a limitless amount of placement options.


Model: BCS1500 Split with Water Cooled Condenser Option

Cellar Size: 1500 cu. Ft

BTUh @ 40F° Capacity: 6250

Dimensions Evaporator: 18”D x 29.25”W x 6.5”H

Dimensions Condenser: 19”D x 16.2”W x 14”H

Refrigerant: R-134a

HP: .65 115v

Voltage Rating (15 amp dedicated circuit required): 115v/1ph/60Hz

Weight Evaporator: 51 lbs

Weight Condenser:62 lbs

AMPS: Provide 120V 15A circuit for indoor evaporator, and 120V/230V 30A, single or three phase (dependent upon your condensing unit) for outdoor condensing unit. Check local codes.

Drainline: 1/4” condensate vinyl drain tube/tube clamps

Water Supply: 1/4” copper water supply

Installation: Ceiling mounted or can be fully ducted (BCS1500D)

Thermostat: BCS Digital Microprocessor is very accurate and will give the wine cellar owner confidence that the temperature and humidity of the cellar are in the optimal range. An optional communication module can monitor the system from anywhere in the world, and will signal alarm conditions.

Temp. Delta: 30F Variance

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