Spit Happens # 62- Holiday gifts for wine lovers

Every year we are inundated around this time for the latest and greatest wines and wine accessories for wine lovers. So I’m thinking this post will be no exception, but I’ll try to make it a bit more practical and less gimmicky. These are my top 3 recommendations for wine-related goodies. 2 are reasonable stocking stuffers and 1 is a wee bit more spendy. Champagne stoppers are super useful but maybe not in the way you think.

My experience has led me to believe that most users of these stoppers try to use them to preserve the bubbles over the course of a few days. While they perform reasonably well, the highest use case is to keep the bubbles contained in the bottle in a single serving. When I use the stoppers I’ll reseal between each pour as I find leaving the bottle open will degrade the experience in as little as 15 minutes. So as soon as the cork comes out I’ll use the stopper and just have it off long enough to pour the glasses I need. You will enjoy the last glass just as much as the first. If by some miracle you do have some left at the end of the night, all the bubbles will be preserved for Mimosas the following day, making it a perfect wedding gift for wine lovers.

champagne stoppers for wine lovers

Pulltap corkscrews are my favorite corkscrew to use on a regular basis . I think the combination of good design, sturdy construction and a nice feel in the hand make this a great price quality ratio. The double lever design makes it especially useful for longer corks and it’s not so expensive that you will be sad if it disappears, ranking it among interesting wine gifts. Look back to Spit Happens archives for a funny/embarrassing story about me opening wine for the first time in a restaurant setting.

Discover unique and thoughtful wine-related presents that are sure to impress any enthusiast this festive season

Coravin is the present you get for the friend who has all the little toys. This little beauty is designed to let you sample your wine sealed with natural cork without opening the bottle, making it ideal for enjoying the best wine as a gift. You clamp the unit on the side of the bottle and push the Coravin needle through the cork. The cartridges pressurize the bottle with an inert gas. Hit the switch, and wine comes out while the inert gas replaces it, preserving your wine.

You can sample the wine in a non-destructive way over the course of a few weeks. Perfect for drinking your best wine over the course of a few weeks/days. One piece of advice is to make sure your wine is sealed with a cork not a glass stopper, don’t ask me how I know ……

Unique gift for wine lovers

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Faqs: Holiday gifts for wine lovers

Is wine a good Christmas gift?

Yes, wine is often considered a great Christmas gift. It’s a versatile choice that suits a wide range of tastes and can be selected to match the recipient’s preferences, whether they enjoy red, white, or sparkling wines. Additionally, wine can add a festive touch to holiday celebrations and dinners. It’s also a thoughtful present that can be personalized or paired with other gifts, like gourmet foods or elegant glassware.

What to pair with wine for a gift?

When pairing items with wine for a gift, consider including gourmet cheeses, fine chocolates, or a selection of artisanal crackers. A charcuterie board with a variety of meats and olives also pairs well with wine. For a more personal touch, add wine accessories like a high-quality corkscrew, decorative wine stoppers, or elegant wine glasses. If you know the recipient’s preferences, you can also include a book about wines or a wine journal. These thoughtful additions complement the wine and enhance the overall gifting experience.

What are the must-have wine accessories?

Must-have wine accessories include a high-quality corkscrew or wine opener for ease of opening bottles, wine glasses suited to the types of wine being served, and a wine preserver to maintain the quality of the wine after opening. Additionally, a wine decanter can be essential for aerating and serving red wines, enhancing their flavor and aroma. These accessories are fundamental for any wine enthusiast’s collection.


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