Spit Happens #57 – Gaston Huet

Gaston HuetGaston Huet: One of the “under the radar” wine regions of the world is the Loire Valley. Wine lovers know it is the premier region for Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc as well as Sauvignon Blanc and Melon de Bourgogne. Cool temperature grape growing region equals attenuated wines with mouthwatering acidity.

This picturesque region with rolling hillsides and amazing castles is the center of France geographically and a gastronomic treasure for wine and cheese. Some of it’s most famous sub-regions are Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre, Chinon, Coteaux de Layon and Vouvray. Although it is Coteaux de Layon that sparked my love of wine, I want to talk about Vouvray today. Specifically, a producer called Domaine Huet. It was founded in 1928 by Victor Huet and his son Gaston.

Gaston was the mayor of Vouvray for 40 plus years and was influential in the production of wine well into his 80’s. Gaston was an early proponent of bio-dynamic farming. In 1986 he began converting his vineyards to bio, by 1991 his 35 hectares had been converted. He was also instrumental in providing assistance to many wineries during World War II, the Germans wanted to “liberate” French wine and send it back to Germany. He showed a number of vignerons how to create fake walls to hide the wines so they could have income when the war was over. See Wine and the War.

Huet offers a range of wines from Sec, Demi-Sec, Moelleux, Premiere Trie ( TBA like) to a sparkling wine that’s delicious, The dry wines are all bracing acidity and aromatics of crushed Granny Smith apples. The sweet wines are magnificent beasts that smell of apricot jam, lavender honey and wildflowers. They will delight seasoned wine drinkers and newbies alike. Cellar up to 30 years. As an aside the 59’s are drinking well … still !!!

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FAQs: Gaston Huet

How to protect a wine barrel outside?

To protect a wine barrel outside, consider these steps:

  1. Sealing: Apply a waterproof sealant to prevent moisture penetration.
  2. Elevate: Keep the barrel off the ground to avoid rot, using pallets or supports.
  3. Cover: Use a barrel cover or tarp to shield it from direct sunlight and harsh weather.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Check for any damage or wear and reapply sealant as needed.
Why is bay bridge wine so cheap?

Bay Bridge wine is often priced affordably due to a combination of factors. First, it benefits from large-scale production, which typically reduces production costs per bottle. Additionally, Bay Bridge wines may source their grapes from regions known for cost-effective grape cultivation, allowing for competitive pricing. These wines often undergo shorter aging periods, which can further lower production expenses. In terms of market positioning, Bay Bridge wines are positioned as value wines, appealing to budget-conscious consumers. Lastly, the production processes for these wines may prioritize simplicity, contributing to cost-effectiveness while still delivering a satisfying wine experience.