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    Without a doubt, we understand wine, we know how it wants to be stored and we are some of the most creative cellar talents in North America. For this reason, popular restaurants, wine retail shops and wineries, throughout North America, have sought our state-of-the-art custom wine cellar designs. Also, we are here to share our knowledge in best practices for cellar construction.  

    Excellent Value

    Today, this is where we offer you incredible value.  Specifically, we work with designers, architects and trades on installation practices which will satisfy the warranties from the manufacturers.  To this end, we share our product knowledge and installation expertise free of charge. Not only that, but we guarantee that our expertise will ensure that the only after sales calls you receive from you customers will be referrals!  

    Discuss your Project

    Definitely, contact Wine Cellar Depot any time and we can help you select the best-suited wine cooling system and wine racking for your project, and we can review the specific bottle types and how each customer collects wine.  Most importantly, your goals for both short and long-term storage are very important, and they will have a large impact on your plans.  Therefore, we can guide you through the process, and we can ensure your cellar meets all of your needs.  Especially with the investment you are making, it makes sense to give us a call to discuss your next project.   

    We are here to help

    Lastly, for those who prefer a beautiful free-standing unit, we have climatized wine cabinets to suit any home décor.  In particular, we carry cabinets that are quiet and convenient and they will ensure that your wine collection is properly stored. Contact Wine Cellar Depot.