OENOPRO Wine Cabinets. Store and age from 54 to 176 bottles in this stylish, climate controlled, wine cellar.  Because of the front venting design, this wine cabinets give you the flexibility to either leave it free standing or build it into cabinetry.  Oenopro is cooled by a powerful Embraco compressor system to maintain a consistent climate throughout. UV coated, thermally sealed glass protects against harmful rays and that encourage a condition called “lightstruck” where wine develop flavors of onion and burnt rubber.  Keep your beautiful fruit flavors as the wine maker intended and allow them to age gracefully in a steady, cool temperature.  If you purchase more wine than you feel you can drink in four weeks time, the Oenopro storage system is your answer.  Aging fine wines is its forte with a consistent, cool temperature throughout.