Build-it-yourself wine storage solutions made by Le Cache, BILD cabinets offer many of the same features as our other models—but for a fraction of the price.

CellarPro cooling units, included with BILD cabinets for no additional charge, maintain ideal, consistent temperature and humidity conditions for aging wine.

Double-paned glass windows and high-density foam insulation shield your collection from heat and UV rays.

Exterior surfaces are finished with durable melamine, and fixed interior metal racks provide stable storage for bottles.


BILD 800 Wine Room Black. With stained hardwood racking for 800 bottles, BILD wine rooms are perfect blends of function and value.

These wine cabinets feature durable, durable melamine laminates on all exterior surfaces, thermal and UV protection, and advanced wine cellar refrigeration by CellarPro Cooling Systems.

All panels are framed and insulated with high-density foam, and wood wine racks are efficiently sized to accommodate oversized bottles.

BILD 800 racking is located on the left and right walls for easy access, with storage capacity for 320 bottles in 3-3/4 inch individual slots on each wall.

In addition, 13 cubic feet of bulk storage space exists atop the racks, perfect for up to 156 Bordeaux-size bottles, or for oversized bottles like Magnums and large Champagne bottles.

Ventilation requirements: The cooling unit can be top vented or rear vented, as follows.

  • Top venting means that the cooling unit’s intake and exhaust will occur at the top of the wine room (centered on either the left or the right wall). Top venting allows the wine room to be 2-3 inches away from adjacent walls, and requires 6 inches of clearance atop the wine room
  • Rear venting means that the cooling unit’s intake and exhaust will occur on the left or right wall of the wine room, and requires 4-6 inches of clearance behind the cooling unit.

In both configurations, ample clearance above or behind the cooling unit is necessary for proper air circulation, and the location must be sufficiently large for the hot air generated by the cooling unit to dissipate.

BILD wine rooms should not be placed in environments that exceed 95F or fall below 50F. Door must be locked to ensure an airtight seal.

BILD wine rooms and cabinets require assembly. All assembly hardware is included with your purchase.

  • Capacity: 800 bottles

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