La Vieille Garde is the result of the shared passion for wine and spirits and the great technical skill in cabinet making and refrigeration of its owners.

Right from the start, they set themselves the goal of building the most efficient wine cabinets and wine cellars in the world!

Founded in 2004, La Vieille Garde began its operations by manufacturing standard wine cabinets.

Very quickly, LVG developed a great deal of expertise enabling it to tailor the size of its units to the specific needs of its clientele.

Thus, over the years, LVG has become the reference in custom residential and commercial projects.

Since its founding, La Vieille Garde has extended its expertise to commercial refrigerators (air curtain refrigerated counters, meat refrigerators, refrigerated display cases) and has become a must for several restaurant and delicatessen chains.

With a growing presence in North America, La Vieille Garde is becoming an international reference in the field of wine conservation and custom refrigeration, linking efficiency, performance and aesthetics.


La Vieille Garde’s team is composed of nearly twenty passionate employees who share the common goal of understanding the different needs of every client and carrying out their projects.

Whether it’s a question of style, size or budget, every detail is analyzed by La Vieille Garde’s design team. Our team will lay out its vision in a clear and precise manner.

Our various departments of cabinetmaking, refrigeration, glassware and tinsmithing work together to achieve a common goal: to carry out your project without surprises or cost overruns while respecting the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Over the years, LVG has developed different types of wine racks that offer a multitude of layouts.

Our four racking collections offer you infinite possibilities of assemblies and styles.

Side or front view, for long-term storage or quick selection, La Vieille Garde storage solutions will surprise you with their appealing design and versatility.