Transtherm Wine Cabinets

Made in France, Transtherm cabinets are the quietest and most advanced in the market, with digital thermostats that allow you to set and monitor temperature at the touch of a button, and humidity control systems that maintain optimal humidity conditions with a patented thermal pump.

Unlike most refrigerators which only provide cooling, Transtherm cabinets provide both cooling and heating features, and therefore can be used in temperature environments from 32°F to 95°F. Slow, balanced compressors eliminate vibration so your wines can rest undisturbed.

Transtherm Ermitage is a single zone, versatile system. Transtherm Castel has 3 temperature zones and a variety of advanced features. Other options include solid or glass door, display shelves, black or aluminum trim and shelving configuration. The wine fridge cabinets have natural ventilation to avoid mold and bad odors.

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