For 40 years now, EuroCave is the wine cabinet “specialist”. It is they who created the wine cabinet in 1976. “A Mr Martin”.

They are still, to this day, the only company to inject as much money in research and development.
Year after year, they come up with new technological and aesthetic innovations.

The aim for EuroCave is to manufacture products that can last.

The aim for the President is to create cabinets that will last at least 30 years. Their credo, “programmed sustainability”.


EuroCave has obtained the “Origine France Garantie” label, guaranteeing that all products are 100% hand-made in France.


The importance of a good cellar is that it is insulated as best possible. The better the insulation, the less the compressor will start and the less it will burn the humidity inside.

Contrary to popular belief, a cabinet does not produce humidity, but a good cabinet will be designed to avoid burning it.

With EuroCave, the walls are 5 cm thick, which is equivalent to 6 feet of earth or 9 feet of concrete.

The “PREMIERE, PURE and REVELATION” ranges are even practically 7 cm thick, equivalent to 8 feet of earth of 12 feet of concrete.

NOTE: The more bottles in a cabinet, the more stable the temperature will be and the less the compressor will start, therefore the better the humidity will be retained.

Please do not place plastic containers in the cabinet for too long. Sometimes, plastic gives off certain smells that are not recommended for wine requiring long cellaring.


All EuroCave wine cabinets have a natural ventilation system using a basement window effect and are fitted with a charcoal filter to regulate the humidity within the cabinet, and thus avoid bad smells and mold.

There is a continuous change of air from top to bottom. It is a process that is both simple and complex for it to work well.


There are now several cabinets using charcoal filters, but they are not necessarily active, and it does not necessarily make them cabinets having a continuous change of air.

There is often only one opening at the back and the vast majority of them work backwards, whereby fans push the air out through the charcoal filter.


For better efficiency in terms of humidity, a better air ciculation within the cabinet, le charcoal filter should be changed once a year, and it’s very easy.

Simply pull it out and replace by a new one.

On some models, there is a visual alarm when comes the time to change it.



All EuroCave cabinets have an “Embraco” compressor with a 5-year warranty.

Manufactured in Brazil, Embraco is one of the best in terms of sustainability and one of the quietest on the market.



EuroCave ensures a powerful anti-vibration barrier, with several levels of protection.

The compressor is separated from the cabinet and lies on high performance silent blocks that avoid the transmission of vibrations.

The evaporator is embedded in the polyurethane foam. The shelves do not touch the back wall.

The guides can dampen the vibrations (the shelf is not in direct contact with the side walls).

The feet of the cabinet, individually adjustable, offer perfect stability.


Furthermore, the shelves have several shock absorbers that limit the residual vibrations.

The last vibrations are absorbed by the coating affixed to the shell of the “Main du Sommelier”.

A new generation of sliding shelf comes as a standard on the Revelation range and as an option of the Pure range.

These shelves are equipped with a soft-close system offering even more protection for the bottles. Ball bearings for a smooth usage.

Aesthetic finish: integrated bearing system to hide the mechanism, customized glossy black or light oak front.


All shelves are modular, allowing you to adjust them to accommodate large 1,5 L bottles for example.



The walls of a EuroCave are all made of embossed aluminum, allowing a better distribution of the temperature inside the cabinet, aluminum being a conductor.

The embossing retains the humidity, which prevents the water from flowing too rapidly down the walls and out to the back draining tank.

This is the case for the “Elegance” range with Transtherm, or “Vineo & Access” with Artevino.


All novelties and technological advances are always reserved for EuroCave brand.



EuroCave cabinets are still at the top of the list of those retaining humidity best.

In northern countries such as Canada where in winter one tends to heat a lot, with a cabinet 75% full it is unlikely the cabinet will go below 50% relative humidity.


Relative humidity: Ratio between the quantity of water vapor in the air and the air absorption capacity at a given temperature.



On most EuroCave models, when the cabinet door is closed, a fan starts for “air circulation” thereby minimizing temperature variations inside.

Only the PREMIERE range and the Tête à Tête model have no fan.