What to Look for in a Climatized Wine Cabinets:

How to choose Climatized Wine Cabinets

In aging fine wines, climate control in your wine cabinet is of utmost importance. Your goal: to hold a consistent temperature and elevated humidity. For this reason, we present a selection of climatized wine cabinets that guarantee do just this. Our wine cabinets will not only guarantee consistent temperature and elevated humidity, but also vibration isolation and protection from UV light.

A Wine Cabinet is an Excellent Choice

Moreover, they are a great choice for your home or office, if a built in wine room is not practical.  Also, our free standing wine cabinets can move with you. Unlike built in wine cellars or wine rooms, climate controlled cellars are considered your furniture and not a fixture in the home.

Ideally, they can hold as little or as many bottles as you desire.  Some cabinets hold as many as 500 plus bottles!

Lastly, your wine collection craves a cool climate of 55F/12C to slow the aging process. Because of these cooler climates, you are able to preserve the beautiful fruit flavors the winemaker intended.  Room temperature storage simply cannot achieve the same results as the consistent climate of a climate controlled wine cellar.

The History of Wine Cellars & Climatized Wine Cabinets

Long ago, climatized wine cabinets were not an option.  You could have a wine cellar but nature was the only option to control and create ideal conditions for aging wine.  Tel Kabri is the oldest know wine cellar in the world. It was located in Upper Galilee. They unearthed this wine cellar in 2013, and it stored close to 2000 gallons/7570 litres of wine.  It was located next to a large banquet hall and it was surely party central to their community!  In the past, people recognized Israel for their elixir throughout the Mediterranean and amongst Egypt’s elite. This was the case during the Bronze Age, nearly 4000 years ago.

Today, we still cherish our vintages and savor the terroir of both famed wine regions and the skillful hand of talented wine makers.  It does not seem like much has changed with humanity, does it?  We want to cellar our wines in proper climates, either in cellars or in wine cabinets, and keep them as they age.

Wine Cabinets for Today

At Wine Cellar Depot, we have procured a selection of gorgeous wine cabinets for you.   From the esteemed Eurocave of France (the first wine cellaring cabinet invented in 1976) to Le Cache in Sonoma, La Vieille Garde in Quebec City, WineKoolR in Ontario, Oenopro in Vancouver and True of St. Louis, we pride ourselves in this worthy selection to cellar and age your fine vintages.

How to Choose the Best Wine Cabinet for you

Please contact us today.  One of our knowledgeable sales associates will walk you through the wine cabinet best suited to your needs.

Our Collection Of Wine Cabinets

Wine Cellar Depot carries an extensive selection of wine cellaring cabinets.

Our criteria, for selecting these brands of cabinets entails consistent climate control, elevated humidity, ultra violet light protection and vibration isolation.

Temperature fluctuations should be given significant consideration.

Too large of a swing in temperature affects the ullage (air space between the cork and wine), potentially introducing unwanted oxygen into the wine.

Humidity is also an important factor to keep the cork moist and the seal intact. Ultra violet light can produce a condition called light struck.

Light struck turns the flavors in the wine from fresh fruit notes to onion and burnt rubber. Finally vibrations must not be overlooked. Wine sediment wants to peacefully lay and age.

The disruptions of the sediment negatively affects the flavors in long term aging process.