Wine Cellar Depot Cincinnati Ohio – Office

9683 Adair Ct, Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

Contact our US Office location in Cincinnati for US Clients.

Wine Cellar Depot understands wine, we know how it wants to be stored, served and our design team are some of the most creative cellar talents in North America.  Popular restaurants, wine retail shops,  wineries and wine collectors have sought our state-of-the-art custom wine cellar designs.

We are here to help our clients, vendors, and anyone else who might have a question or a need for product information.  We share all our knowledge as a best practice.  This is to assure our cellar projects have the correct materials, racking, and cooling from the beginning.  Every products warranty’s, specs, installation instructions and more are available any time you want.

If you don’t know what kind of cellar you want, we have hundreds of photos from metal, wood, and wire racking.  Browse our pages, if you still don’t see what you are looking for reach out to our team, we can help assess your needs and send you some options that might be something what our looking for.