Welcome to Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling systems. Proudly made in the USA. Some of the worlds best wine producers trust deep, underground caves to properly store and age fine vintages. Today, wine collectors worldwide turn to Guardian humidity and temperature control systems. These wine cellar cooling systems and humidifiers imitate those cave-like conditions in your wine storage, wine cellar, or wine display space.

Without question, Wine Guardian is one of our preferred cellar cooling suppliers. They are part Air Innovations, a market leader in cooling system manufacturing. Therefore, they are best know in aerospace, military, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, life sciences, clean room systems and wine cellars. Above all, they place great value on the reliability of their systems. As a result, Guardian will stand behind their products. They support each step of the process. Engineers are at the ready for every technical question and BTU calculation. In addition, simulations are run for our trickier installations to ensure a perfect installation.

Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling units are available in a number of systems.

Through-the-wall, duct-able and duct-able split models are energy efficient and quiet. Commercial grade components are a standard part of their construction. As a result, they have more options and features than any other system on the market. Guardian can also outfit your wine room with freestanding or built-in humidifiers. As well, remote sensing, remote monitoring and 24 volt capabilities are all available with both the pro and standard systems.

For centuries, the best wine producers in the world trusted deep underground caves to properly store and age fine wine. Today, wine collectors worldwide turn to Wine Guardian temperature and humidity control systems. Our wine cellar cooling units and humidifiers are designed to replicate those trusted conditions in your wine cellar, wine display, or storage space.

Rely on Wine Guardian to preserve your fine wine investment.

  • Control both temperature and humidity with precision
  • Operate the most energy efficient wine cellar cooling unit
  • Relax with the quietest cooling system for wine room
  • Trust in durable, commercial-grade quality

With several types of ductedducted-splitductless splitthrough-the-wall, and Wine Guardian Pro specialty HVAC  systems, we offer more models, capacities and options in wine cellar cooling units than any other manufacturer, anywhere in the world.

Commercial-grade temperature and humidity control is essential for wine cellars.

Helping You Care For Your Wine Cellar

We want to help you create the best wine cellar environment for aging your valuable wine. Learn more about building a wine cellar in Wine Guardian’s  Knowledge Base. Or use their handy tools – like the wine cellar cooling calculator and ductwork calculator to help select the best cooling system for your wine room cooling needs. The best time to reach out regarding your wine cellar construction is in the planning stages. At this time we can assess your plans, choose an optimal installation location and help with duct layout or line set routes. We can advise on best practices to avoid any heat or UV light in the cellar. Also, we can assist with insulation types, drainage, thermostat locations and design. Lastly, the location and size of the air vents (grills) is of utmost importance for the health and welfare of your evaporator and compressor. Of course, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff with questions before or after you buy a Wine Guardian system.

In conclusion, you will benefit from their technologically advanced and functional systems. Guardian’s wine cellar temperature and humidity control systems set the standard for performance. They also offer easy installation and long enjoyment for worry free wine cellaring. Call us today. We can help.