WhisperKOOL SC Series Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

The SCs are our easiest-to-install self-contained cooling units. The Whisperkool SC Series offers a wide range of cooling capacities at an economical price. The five units in the series can cool cellars between 300 and 2,000 cubic feet (given adequate cellar construction and a properly installed vapor barrier). They do not require an HVAC-R technician to install.

NOTE – BTUh Rating:

There are circumstances in which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to existing restrictions. Building materials such as glass, stone, concrete, etc. do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for design limitations. *Please consult with one of our professionals to ensure you are selecting the proper cooling unit for your application. We are able to give you a proper BTU estimate, based on your construction parameters. Undersized cooling units can lead to premature failure and/or prevent the system from reaching the desired set temperature. As a result, they are not covered under warranty.

Superior Operating Flexibility

  • In hotter climates where outside temperatures can be over 110°F.
  • In cold climates where winter temperatures prevent other units from operating effectively
  • In limited spaces where ventilation is a problem.
  • Perfect for ducting and/or installation into remote locations.
  • The Whisperkool SC Series wine cellar cooling units are designed to operate effectively in environmental conditions that cause traditional cooling units to fail.

Self Contained Series Features

WK SC Series Detail Remote square

Advanced Digital Controller

Easily view wine temperature, evaporator coil temperature, and condensing coil temperature. Constantly monitors system and environment conditions for efficiency and performance. Emits an audible alert in the event of an alarm situation to keep your environment safe.

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Bottle Probe

No worrying about fluctuating temperature. The unit directly measures the temperature of the wine it is maintaining.

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Dynamic Airflow

Following the simple philosophy that hot air rises. The fans are designed to project the airflow in an upward direction. This results in very effective air exchange on both sides of the system.

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Efficient Coil Design

Larger, thicker, coils offer increased capacity for cooling the cellar. Oversized coils create more effective heat dissipation on the condenser side of the cooling unit where most problematic issues associated with poor ventilation, and thus poor performance, occur.

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WK SC Series Detail Power 1

Front or rear power switch

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WK SC Series Detail Mount

Single-piece mounting bracket

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WK SC Series Detail Mount

Installation and positioning of the unit in your cellar

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WhisperKOOL – Overview of the SC Series