WhisperKOOL produces world-class, state of the art wine cellar cooling systems.

To help you decide, here are the four WhisperKOOL product categories and their unique applications.

Self-Contained Wine Cooling Systems

Firstly, self-contained WhisperKOOL products are, as the name implies, self-contained units. Therefore, both the condenser and evaporator coexist in a single housing. The SC Series, Slimline, and non-ducted Extreme ti / tiR units are all options. Customarily, self-contained coolers mount through the wall. The evaporator side (cold) is in the wine cellar. Alternatively, the condenser side sits in an adjacent room. It releases the heat it has collected from the cellar. The installation is relatively easy. This translates into savings without loss of cooling power. You will not need a licensed HVAC tech to install a self-contained unit.

Also, it is absolutely necessary to have a properly constructed space. Wine cellars need adequate insulation. We recommend R-12 as the minimum. R-20 is best for interior cellar walls. R-28 for ceilings and exterior walls. The importance of a vapor barrier should never be understated. This is a thin sheet of plastic, poly or foam. It seals the cellar and prevents water vapor from entering or leaving the cellar. As well, adequate ventilation is of utmost importance. Hot air exhaust must dissipate. This prevents the condenser from overheating. It saves your system from lost cooling efficiency and lost life span. WhisperKOOL recommends that self-contained units must have three feet of clearance on all sides. Five feet is ideal.

Fully Ducted Self-Contained

Secondly, the WhisperKOOL line of self-contained units includes the fully ducted Extreme tiR units and the Phantom.
Fully ducted, self-contained units, are different from the above systems. For example, a remote location such as an attic or mechanical room make an excellent alternative. The cool air moves into the cellar via the ducting. The warm air exhausts to the outside of the house, utility room or garage. You are no longer restricted to install this in the wine cellar, saving space for extra bottles and décor.

It also provides many options for installation. You can install the Whisperkool systems almost anywhere. Simply keep the location within twenty five duct feet from the cellar. Fifty feet of ducting is the maximum duct length to accumulate.  When you duct the cellar, it produces a quieter installation than a through the wall.

Ductless Split System

Thirdly, a split system places the evaporator (part that makes cold) and condenser (part that releases heat from the wine cellar) separate.  Therefore, WhisperKOOL’s line of split systems includes the Ceiling Mounted Split, Twin Ceiling Mounted Split, and Mini Ceiling Mounted Split. Next, the Platinum Mini Split, and also ductless versions of the Platinum Split and Twin Platinum Split.

Split systems have many advantages. The evaporator mounts to the wall of the cellar to provide maximum cooling power.  The exception is the Ceiling Mounts. Because of their complexity, you will need a licensed HVAC technician. Installing the cellar condensing unit elsewhere, such as an attic or outdoors can be facilitated. Always be sure to provide enough fresh air so heat does not pool.
Sometimes, a well-ventilated space for a self-contained units to exhaust heat is challenging. In this case, split systems enable the remote installation of the condensing unit.

Ducted Split System

Lastly, WhisperKOOL’s split systems also include versions with full ducting. The Quantum series, the Platinum Split and Twin Platinum Split round out the line.
Often, wine collectors don’t want to see or hear the cooling unit in the cellar. Space is at a premium, leaving as much room as possible for added wine. In this case, a fully ducted split system is best.

Therefore, the cold producing evaporator does not need to be mounted on the wall of the cellar. Remote installation, with cool air ducted into the cellar, is an excellent option. For instance, installing the condensing system almost anywhere with adequate ventilation is key. Keep your line set within one hundred feet and always account for 90 degree bends.

In conclusion, WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units come in many varieties. They accommodate a multitude of installation requirements.  Please reach out to one of our trained cellar professionals for a consultation, if you need a hand with choosing the right product!