Wine Cellar Cooling Units

For years, I’ve been sketching wine cellar cooling units to help our clients better understand the differences in systems available. Here are a few examples from my sketchpad to help simplify your choices. Ramona Lehnert – Founder

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which system through the wall

Through the Wall Coolers

Through the wall systems are the best value going!

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which system ducted

Ducted Systems

Ducted Systems are an excellent means to remove the sound and heat from your living space.

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which system split wall mount

Split Systems – Wall Mount

Heat removed to make cold in the cellar travels through the line set to the condenser.

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which system split systems ducted

Split Systems – Ducted

Ducted split evaporators and much smaller than all in one coolers. They can easily fit in closets, mechanical rooms, or even millwork in your cellar.

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which system split systems ceiling mount

Split Systems – Ceiling Mount

They can be painted to blend and no ducts or grills interfere with millwork.

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which system water cooled

What is Water Cooled

Cold water from a closed loop, tap, or lake is used to evacuate heat from the cellar being cooled.

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which system service list

Service vs. Aging Explained

Shouldn’t reds be stored at room temperature, and whites be chilled?

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