CellarCool CX Series Cooling Unit

When a cooling system is required, high quality products designed specifically for wine cellars are a must. CellarCool delivers high grade wine cellar cooling systems for private wine cellars, restaurants, and winery projects. CellarCool is manufactured by one of North America’s most experienced industry leaders of wine cooling systems. With over twenty years of experience, you can be guaranteed an affordable yet efficient system that will reliably cool your cellar for years to come.

NOTE – BTUh Rating:

There are circumstances in which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to existing restrictions. Building materials such as glass, stone, concrete, etc. do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for design limitations. *Please consult with one of our professionals to ensure you are selecting the proper cooling unit for your application. We are able to give you a proper BTU estimate, based on your construction parameters. Undersized cooling units can lead to premature failure and/or prevent the system from reaching the desired set temperature. As a result, they are not covered under warranty.