Steady, cool climate is at the heart of every well built wine cellar. Similarly, wine cellar cooling units stand guard in place of Mother Nature. They create reliable, consistent, and cool climates. This is the number one reason why fine wines age so beautifully. Temperatures of 12C or 55F slow the aging process and preserve your vintages. They produce a delicious end result: one every wine maker intends.

Carefully select one of the many safe wine cellar cooling units options available.

In order to achieve this, there are several cellar cooling units or systems available for the task. For instance, through the wall coolers tend to be a great value. If your space is conducive to releasing sound and heat within, this is an excellent choice. Alternatively, dedicated ducting, splits with ducting and ceiling or wall mount splits are fantastic choices. They conveniently remove the heat and sound from your living space. Similarly, water cooled systems can evacuate heat into city or lake water. As you may find, venting heat is a not always an option. This creates a very quiet install which is lovely. Therefore, we have a solution for every wine cellar build.

Most important – don’t forget your personal goals

Lastly, remember your goals. If you are working towards long term aging, you will want your wines at 12C or 55F. Next, humidity should sit between 50-70%, according to long standing principles. And finally, ultraviolet light and vibrations should be avoided. In other words, protection from damaging UV rays and peaceful sediment conditions will add to your wine’s flavor conservation.


"At Giardino Restaurant, we take great care in selecting fine wines to compliment our guest’s dining experience.  Each bottle is stored with a climate controlled, cellaring system and properly prepared for service.  Wine Cellar Depot has provided these professional cooling systems to our restaurants, over the years, and ensured our need for quality storage and timely delivery."
- Umberto