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See why Wine Cellar Depot has been the premier choice of wine collectors since 2003.  As a result, our cellaring knowledge ranks among the best in North America.  Similarly, our passion for wine cellaring and aging, shines with our eagerness to help.  We proudly offer consulting services for all types of projects, as well.  For example, home wine cellars, all the way to commercial cellaring projects, are our expertise.   

Wine Cellar Depot offers a wide selection of products.  For instance, our favorite brands include several top names in the industry.  These names include Eurocave, Oenopro, and La Vieille Garde.  We also carry Vintage Keeper or Wine KoolR wine cabinets.  Secondly, for wine racking, we have a large selection.  VintageView, Vino Rails, and Evolution are very popular.  We also carry Vindegarde, Frontenac, Cable Wine Systems, Elite Kits, Viking Wine Cellars, and Kessick Wine Cellars.  Thirdly, our site offers best in class brands for cellar cooling.  Whisperkool, CellarCool, and Wine Guardian are top tier.  KoolR or ChillR are well priced and quiet.  MAN Systems is also highly rated for reliability. 

In conclusion, we have spent years curating the best selections of cellaring equipment on the market.  Please enjoy your time here and reach out if you have any questions.

Wine Cellar Depot products include:

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"Wine Cellar Depot has consulted on several of our exclusive, wine cellaring projects. Because of this, we highly recommend them as one of North America’s most knowledgeable cellar experts. We can reach out, from any job site in North America, at any stage of the project. In addition, we receive undivided attention and skill regarding best practices for cellar cooling and wine racking layout. For both commercial or private wine cellars, we trust Wine Cellar Depot’s expertise for seamless installations and cellars, built to the standards we expect."

- Rick Morrow  Project Director | Ledcor Construction Limited