Wall Mounted Presentation Wine Rack

USD $72.00


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39” long and nine bottles wide. Rack spans the width of three VintageView columns.
9 Bottles long with a 15 degree angle.

Black: USD $72.00

Brushed Nickel: USD $82.00

Chrome: USD $101.00

*** Extra Duty Fees will to be added to the invoice



** Extra Duty Fees will to be added to the invoice


All VintageView racks are imported into Canada from the United States.
Although the racks are imported from the US they are not NAFTA compliant.
They are manufactured in China and there is no value added in the US so the racks are subject to extra duty and brokerage fees that are automatically collected by Canada Customs at the border.
Please note that these fees apply whether the racks are ordered directly from the United States or taken from stock on hand.
We try to keep some racks in stock for convenience.
Lead time is usually 5 to 7 days when the racks need to be imported.