Arch Display Diamond Bins

CAD $795.00

SKU: 999999

Please call for USD pricing

This rack incorporates an arch display, constructed on top of slat bin storage, complete with removable bin dividers.

Dimensions: 85”H x  36”W x 13 1/2”D
Capacity: 96 Bottles

Mahogany: CDN $795.00

Mahogany & Lacquer Only: CDN $1075.00

Mahogany Stain & Lacquer: CDN $1165.00

Cambara Mahogany: CDN $990.00

All-Heart Redwood: CDN $1565.00

All-Heart Cherry: CDN $915.00

Walnut: CDN $1565.00

White Oak: CDN $1510.00



Arch Display tech sheet