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Quarterly Newsletter – April 2018

Spring is here, and that means warm weather is on the horizon. It’s an excellent time to inspect your WhisperKOOL cooling unit for damage or wear and have it repaired by a licensed HVAC technician if need be. Please see the information below (taken from our fourth-quarter 2017 newsletter) for more information on inspecting and performing routine cleaning and maintenance on your WhisperKOOL cooling unit.

Helpful Hints: Airflow

Airflow is of the utmost importance! The following hints will help ensure peak performance and longevity of your cooling unit:

  • Our self-contained units are designed to be mounted through the wall with a recommended clearance of 3-5 feet around the system (to avoid air recirculation).
  • Do not install the system in a cubby or corner or inside a wall cavity or cabinetry. This can cause an obstruction of airflow.
  • Grilles should NEVER be placed over a self-contained cooling unit.
  • Ducted systems should have soft sweeps and minimal bends. Ducts should be installed so that the supply and return air takes the shortest route possible to and from the cellar.
  • Ductwork should be properly insulated to prevent heat transfer. Condensing units should have 3-5 feet of unobstructed clearance in every direction (to avoid air recirculation).
  • Outdoor units should be placed in an area of mild to moderate temperatures. Watch a YouTube video about the WhisperKOOL SC Series by clicking here.

Maintenance Reminders

  • The evaporator and condenser coils for all through-the-wall systems must be cleaned quarterly. To clean the coils, simply vacuum the front and rear grilles or coils as shown above.
  • Through-the-wall Extreme units have washable filters covering the coils behind the grille areas. These filters must be cleaned quarterly.
  • All ducted units come with paper air filters which must be replaced quarterly. To order filters, call the WhisperKOOL customer service department at 1-800-343-9463.

New Products

Our 24-volt thermostat conversion option is now available on all Ceiling Mount, Quantum, and larger Platinum Split systems. The 24V option modifies typical WhisperKOOL unit controls. The standard keypad and bottle probe are removed and replaced with 24V wiring which may then be tied into a home thermostat of your choosing.

Note: The 24V option must be requested at the time of sale. It is not an aftermarket upgrade and cannot be added to an existing unit. 

(24V thermostat not provided by WhisperKool*)

Spit Happens #36 Sacrificial Bottles

Sacrificial Bottles

A wine collection can provide a great deal of pleasure over a long period of time. There are however some pitfalls to avoid that will make things work a bit better. Eventually 2 possible strategies emerge among cellar owners. A minor % only drink the best stuff from their cellars. And often drink the wines far too early. Another strategy often occurs in a higher % of owners. I call it culling the herd. Humans often like to defer gratification so they drink the “weakest “ wines first. Off vintages, bottles left behind after a party or gifts from clients/friends that don’t actually reflect our interests and goals for the cellar. Eventually you cull the herd so much you only have the Blue Chip Friday night specials left. Then a Monday night take out pizza comes along and you only have great Cote Rotie, Burgundy and Top notch California Cabernet Sauvignon. The goal of my post today is to give you a few wines that are the equivalent of the sacrificial anode in a hot water tank. These are excellent wines that you can drink while waiting for the Good Stuff to be ready to roll.

Cotes Du Rhone Villages Plan De Dieu Meffre St Palalis  169797 15.99

“This  well made red shows a floral lift to the plum, cassis and blackberry fruit flavours. The palate is full of dark fruit and the fresh finish lets a mineral note chime through.”

Layers Red Peter Lehmann Barossa 200261 16.99

“ Expect luscious purple fruit, chocolate mint wafers, vanilla, licorice, violets, cedar and baking spices¿It’s well balanced with juicy acidity to give it lift and nice length across the finish. 90 points – WineScores.ca, Nov 2013”

A lovely blend of Shiraz, Tempranillo,Mourvedre and Grenache. As an aside if you don’t like Grenache or you aren’t willing to at least try it we can’t be friends.

  • La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2016 30.99 366948 Consistently crafted Chardonnay with all the richness you expect from California Chardonnay, round and creamy with a fresh baked bread aromatic structure. Prototype US Chardonnay.

Lazio Petit Manseng-Casale Del Giglio 2015 26.99 477083

“Tangy, dry white with dried-apricot and apple character. Medium body with impressive phenolic tension and a long, flavourful finish. Hard to find stylish Petit Manseng outside of Southwest France.”

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David Lancelot