WhisperKOOL Water-Cooled Platinum Split 4000WC

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SKU: WK-Platinum Split 4000WC

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Cellar Size: 500 cu. fit to 1000 cu. ftdBA:
Evaporator: 54 Decibels
Condenser: 65 DecibelsDimensions:
Evaporator: 20.5″W x 15.5″H x 16″D
Condenser: 12″W x 13.5″H x 18″DWeight:
Evaporator: 56lbs
Condenser: 65lbsAMPS (starting/running): Evaporator: 2/1Condenser: 18/9Installation: Evaporator is installed in the cellar, Condenser is installed up to 100 line ft. away.Temp. Delta: 55°F temperature differentialThermostat : Digital Control DisplayWarranty: 2 year parts and labor
  • Requires no airflow across its condenser, resulting in a super-quiet operation.
  • Engery saving mode that regulates water flow & compressor power when temperature is satisfied.
  • Superior humidity control manages moisture for optimal wine cellar conditions.
  • Liquid bottle probe standard at no extra cost, to gauge and maintain precise temperature control.
  • Advanced electronic display to exchange information & to make adjustments as needed.
  • Heavy guaged, weather resistant galvanized steel construction for long lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Utilizes Advanced System Protection technology with adjustable humidity control, energy saving modes, quick chill mode, and anti-frost features.
  • Physically the same size as our air-cooled version.
  • Intelligently designed to blend seamlessly within cellar racking.
  • Maintains 55° and 50-70% relative humidity to cellars up to 1000 cu. ft.
  • Pump down system for longer compressor life.
  • Remote Included
  • Exterior Enclosure USD$369.00
  • 220V/50Hz USD$169.00
Owner’s Manual