WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000tiR

USD $4,409.00

SKU: WK-EX-8000-tiR

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Cellar Size (cubic feet): up to 2000

Dimensions (W”xH”xD”) 14.25 x 22. 5 x 28

Weight (lbs): 110

dBA Condenser side: High fan speed-61 decibels, Medium-59, Low-57

dBA Evaporator side: High fan speed-66 decibels, Medium-58, Low-51

AMPS (starting/running): 36/10

Installation: Within 25 ducted feet of the wine cellar

Thermostat: Digital control display with 50 ft. communication line

Temp. Delta: 55°F/30°C temperature differential

Outside Venting: Can be done if the outside temperature does not exceed 110°F/43°C or go below 32°F/0°C. The external grille cover is highly recommended.

Warranty: Limited 2 years parts and labor/5 years compressor.

220V/50Hz USD$169
Owner’s Manual
Product Description
The Fully Ducted Extreme Series units can be positioned up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar (please note this is a combined total of ducting…not the physical distance away from the cellar), creating a noise-free cellar environment. Fully ducted installation provides many installation options, allowing you to not only put the unit in more remote areas of the home but to also have full control of where the exhaust air vents to. This series features an advanced liquid temperature controller with a remote LED display (which can be placed up to 300 line feet from the unit) and electronic thermostat. Maintain 55°F/12.8°C and 50-70% relative humidity in cellars up to 1000 cu. Ft. (5000tiR) or 2000 cu. Ft. (8000tiR) in size.
Key Features
  • Cooling unit can be located up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar
  • Noise-free cellar environment
  • Operates in extreme environments
  • Advanced electronic control system
  • Remote digital LED readout w/ 50ft. communication line
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Humidity control
  • Energy saving mode
  • Fully ductable
  • 55F temperature differential
  • External grille available for exterior venting
  • Two year parts and labor warranty