CellarPro 3200/4200 Replacement Air Filter 2-Pack

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SKU: 1121-Filter 2-Pack 3200/4200

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Poly-coated fiberglass air filters are designed to fit all CellarPro 3200 and 4200 cooling units, and are for interior use only. Sold in a pack of two filters.Poly-coated fiberglass air filters trap more dust particles than regular fiberglass filters. The frame is made of fiber-board and has two tin-plated steel grills (one bonded to each side) as well as sealed corners to prevent dust leakage. Filters are marked with size and airflow direction. Actual length and width are 3/8″ less than trade size shown. Filters meet UL Class 2 flame retardance requirements. Maximum temperature is 180 degrees. Sold in a pack of two filters.The filters fit CellarPro 3200 and 4200 wine cooling units, including the duct hood, and are for interior use only.
  • Protects the condenser coils
  • Can be used on 3200 and 4200 cooling units
  • Designed for internal use only
  • Replace after each use
Size: 12 x 12 x 1 (in)Weight: 1.25 lb